The Release Project

Imprisoned by a painful memory, a young woman finds hope and freedom through a mysterious visitor.

All of us have experienced some sort of hurt or abuse. For many of us it started when we were most vulnerable as children. Regardless of how much abuse or hurts we’ve experienced we can all agree that carrying it around with us can be very debilitating.

If you’re tired of the heaviness, the guilt and shame and you feel ready to move forward without your past hurts then please find below a list of resources, organizations and people that are ready to help.

Please note that The Release Film Project is an independent non-profit movement and not affiliated with any of the organizations below. No fee has been paid to be listed on this site.

Places to call for help and prayer:

PIHOP – Pasadena International House of Prayer –
(626) 791-7729

Elijah House  –
(509) 321-1255  or (800) 788-2131

Daystar Television Prayer Line   (800) 329-1255

Books on Healing:

Deep Wounds Deep Healing by Charles Kraft


Music on Healing:

Rescue Me – Chris Falson

Click here to download all charts to Rescue Me.