The Release Project

Imprisoned by a painful memory, a young woman finds hope and freedom through a mysterious visitor.

Below you’ll find information on how you can use this short film in your community, church or counseling center in order to help create awareness about being set free from past hurts and abuse.


Consider showing this film at your community, church or home and then discuss how you can start to help those in need by connecting them with a local counseling center or perhaps one of the places listed on our help page.

Please contact us on how to download this film.


One of the ways you can use this film is to place it on your website. It’s free for you to use. Just contact us to get permission and specific instructions on how to download the film.


A popular approach to getting the word out is to simply share this film (video) with as many people as you can and “like” us on facebook. If you’re a blogger and would like to get more info or content about our film then please contact us on our contact page.

Posters and Cards

Feel free to download a poster, which you can use to spread the word about our film.


Please note that if you plan to do a viewing then download the particular poster which has room on the left side for you to write viewing information such as time and place.



If you would like to purchase the theme song “I think I’m Ready” or download the lyrics you can do so here. Music is composed by Chris Falson.